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Current Projects

Baseline Assessment Data Collection and Analysis

The Office of Planning and Development is currently leading efforts to collect and analyze baseline assessment data to support comprehensive sustainable development planning. Draft assessment summary sections are being circulated for public comment and can be viewed here. Community members are asked to review information for accuracy and to flag any gaps or concerns that they would like to see addressed in the initial “Resources Report” which will detail the current state of the built, natural, and socio-economic resources and highlight needs and next steps for comprehensive sustainable development planning purposes. This data is being used to connect with sustainable development goal indicators to measure needs and progress towards development goals moving forward.

Growth Visioning Survey

Initial visioning for the comprehensive sustainable development plan is also underway, and community members are encouraged to participate in this survey to share input regarding long-term goals for growth in the CNMI.

Garapan Revitalization

The Garapan Revitalization Taskforce has been reconvened and is a focal area of socio-economic redevelopment needs and next steps for Saipan. You can learn more about these efforts here.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update

OPD and the Department of Commerce are working with members of the CEDS commission and socio-economic Taskforce partners to update project listings for the 2016-2020 CEDS. The 2020-2025 CEDS update will be incorporated into the comprehensive sustainable development plan, slated for public review and comment by Fall of 2020.

Recovery Support

OPD is working with federal and state partners to ensure CNMI rebuilds better and stronger to reduce risks of natural disasters and economic disturbances. Learn more about recovery efforts here.

Visualizing a Sustainable CNMI

The Office of Planning and Development (OPD) is supporting comprehensive sustainable development planning throughout the fourteen northern islands of the Mariana Archipelago. Click on this link or on the “story map” below for updates regarding current area-specific work underway.