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Garapan Revitalization

The Garapan Revitalization Plan aims to transform Garapan into a premier family-friendly destination, featuring a wide range of shopping, dining, entertainment, civic and commercial uses in a world-class beach resort setting that is attractive for visitors and residents.  The Plan envisions Garapan affirming its claim as the center of economic activity and the heart of the tourism industry for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  The Plan aims to reinvigorate the Garapan Revitalization Task Force composed of businesses, residents and government agencies collaborating to alleviate some of the many challenges facing the area.

The Garapan Revitalization Taskforce has been reconvened and is a focal area of socio-economic revitalization needs and next steps for Saipan. The Taskforce is updating the 2007 Garapan Revitalization Plan to reflect current needs and priorities. Please check the OPD calendar for upcoming public planning events to support this important revitalization project!