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OPD Functions and Duties


To create a “comprehensive sustainable development plan” for CNMI, P.L. 20-20 § 20173(a), and to review, appraise, and make such use as it sees fit of all existing plans, inclusive of any plans presently being prepared, P.L. 20-20 § 20174(f).


To harmonize, improve, and assist in implementing comprehensive planning activities at all levels of government and ensure that the current planning programs are consistent with the comprehensive development plan and the rules and policies enumerated in Public Law 20-20, P.L. 20-20 § 20173(b)&(c).

To develop and recommend policies to foster and promote the improvement of planning activity and development quality, P.L. 20-20 § 20174(d).

Information Gathering

To conduct studies, produce data needed for economic and community planning, utilize services, facilities, and information of public and private agencies and organizations and individuals in order that duplication of effort and expense may be avoided, and develop an information system and data bank for the continual collection and storage of public information needed or utilized in the development plan process, P.L. 20-20 § 20174(b), (e), (g), (h).0


Any existing Committee, Commission, Task Force or body mandated to engage in planning for the CNMI or for particular areas or jurisdictions within the CNMI, shall seek to ensure that such planning efforts are provided the appropriate financial, human, technical and support resources necessary to accomplish any mandates or requirements of law relative to development planning; provided, however, that such planning efforts are supportive of and consistent with the intent of this article.

All plans prepared by any department, agency, or instrumentality of the government of the CNMI shall be circulated to other agencies or instrumentalities affected by such plan and to the Office of Planning and Development no later than sixty (60) days prior to the submission of the plan to the Council.

P.L. 20-20 § 20185