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DPW Roads Mapping and Mitigation Project Analyst (3FTE, Saipan, Tinian, Rota)

Please see posts for primary contact information or contact if you have questions

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DPW Roads Mapping and Mitigation Planner & Project Coordinator (FTE)

Request for Proposals – Department of Public Works Planning, Road Conditions, and Flood Hazard Mapping Project DPW21-RFP-032

Request for Proposals – Marpi Backup Power Feasibility Assessment RFP21-OPD/DPW-0154

Request for Proposals – Tinian Dump Closure and Facility Feasibility Assessment and Recommendations Report RFP21-OPD/DPW/MOT-153

Request for Proposals – Collection and Removal of Remaining 2018 Super Typhoon Yutu Debris on the Municipality of Tinian and Aguiguan RFP21-OPD/DPW/MOT-152

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan and Tinian Zero Waste Pilot Project Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals – Seeking Soil Specialist

Request for Proposals – Better Buildings Handbook

DCRM Hiring GIS Specialist

DFW Hiring Wetland Biologist

Solid Waste Positions – Open until filled