Public Notice and Comment Request for Broadband Policy and Development's CNMI BEAD Initial Proposal Draft Volume 2

ANNOUNCEMENTS | November 06, 2023

The CNMI Broadband Policy and Development Office (BPD) was established to develop and implement a broadband strategy that promotes advanced broadband network services, expands the digital economy, increases consumer options, promotes digital literacy, increases broadband equity, and supports access and affordability for residents across the islands of the Commonwealth.

In a step towards enhancing digital connectivity and encouraging community involvement, BPD has unveiled the second volume of its CNMI Broadband, Equity, Accessibility, and Development (BEAD) Initial Proposal. As a part of the BEAD Program, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)enforces public disclosure and comment requirements, ensuring that residents of the CNMI can express their opinions and feedback.

The unveiling of CNMI BEAD Initial Proposal Draft Volume 2 is accompanied by an open call for public feedback, with a 30-day comment period extending until December 3rd, 2023, at 4:30 PM ChST. This initiative also aligns with the BPD's commitment to transparency and accessibility by making all meetings and information available on the website.

The recently published CNMI BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2 primarily addresses various requirements outlined in Volume 1 and includes an emphasis on the Middle-Class Affordability Plan. This plan details strategies for ensuring that high-quality broadband services are accessible to middle-class families at affordable rates. Several factors, including BEAD Proposal Scoring Criteria, a Low-Cost Service Option, and Shift Drop Costs, are outlined in the plan to enhance the affordability of internet services for middle-class households.

The BPD actively encourages input and feedback from everyone in the public. The public can view the CNMI BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 2, available here, and submit comments through the BPD's Official Public Comment form on their website, The public can also directly email their comment to the . The BPD also conducts a weekly virtual meeting every Friday at 3:00PM, ensuring all stakeholders are updated with the BPD's updates and developments. The meeting link can be accessed on the BPD's website. The public is highly encouraged to join if interested.