“Landfill Gas Extraction Feasibility Study” added to the CNMI Data Library

ANNOUNCEMENTS | June 21, 2024

The Landfill Gas Extraction Feasibility Study has been added to the CNMI Data Library and can be found here: https://opd.gov.mp/library/reports/landfill-gas-extraction-feasibility-study-april-2019.pdf

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The Landfill Gas Extraction Feasibility Study, which was conducted in 2019 for the Eloy S. Inos Peace Park (formerly the Puerto Rico Dump) and the Marpi Solid Waste Facility in Saipan, characterizes waste, assesses landfill gas generation potential and techniques to increase gas generation, and conceptual design of a landfill gas collection system for both sites.

As part of CNMI Public Law 20-20, OPD is mandated to establish and maintain the CNMI Data Library, which went live in 2019. The library serves as a centralized hub for collecting and storing data, plans, reports, and other related documents for use by the CNMI’s planning agencies, lawmakers, and the general public.

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