PRiMO 2024 Conference: Resilience in Action

ANNOUNCEMENTS | January 09, 2024

PRIMO PLANNING COMMITTEE— As we face rising tides and other unpredictable challenges, the Pacific Risk Management Ohana (PRiMO) presents the opportunity to learn through stories of adaptation, innovation, and determination. From coastal development practices to community-driven efforts, discover the strategies that transform vulnerabilities into strengths. Please join PRiMO and the CNMI Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM) as we strive toward a vision of a resilient future, where coastal communities thrive in the face of change.

Register for the conference and learn more about PRiMO here: Please note that registration is free, but you must register ahead of time. Stay tuned for more information on the agenda, keynote speakers, and accommodations.

PRiMO is a premier platform that brings people and organizations together, channeling their efforts toward common goals to make the Pacific Islands more resilient to the impacts of natural hazards. Local governments, non-profit organizations, planning agencies, emergency response organizations, natural resource management agencies, hazard mitigation organizations, non-governmental organizations, community members, federal agencies, disaster recovery organizations, and small businesses are all welcome to attend!