Two New Publications Added to CNMI Data Library

ANNOUNCEMENTS | June 06, 2023

The CNMI Office of Planning and Development recently added publications to the CNMI Data Library.

Do you have a planning document/ report you would like to see published in the library? Please send an email to .

The updated CNMI Strategic Energy Plan by the CNMI Energy Task Force provides a roadmap for the CNMI to implement cost-effective energy management solutions, including efficiency/ optimization upgrades, demand side management, and use of renewable and future energy solutions.

The Standard Operating Procedure for Fisheries Independent Surveys and Habitat Assessments by the CNMI Department of Lands and Natural Resources - Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is a technical report that will serve as a reference and training resource for DFW’s Fisheries Research Section (FRS) and will provide transparency for scientists, resource agencies, and members of the public who are interested in DFW’s methodologies for this type of work.

As part of CNMI Public Law 20-20, OPD is mandated to establish and maintain the CNMI Data Library, which is a centralized hub for collecting and storing data, plans, reports, and other related documents for use by the CNMI’s planning agencies, lawmakers, and the general public.

View the graphic below to learn how to access this resource.