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Performance of Public Buildings and Critical Facilities (FEMA P-2179)


August 9, 2021

This report (FEMA P-2179) focuses on the performance of the public buildings and critical facilities impacted by the event. This summary report is technical in nature and intended for an audience of building/facility owners, engineers, and design professionals. The recommendations resulting from building performance and forensic assessments help FEMA coordinate with agencies and organizations to assess the hazard-resistant provisions of building codes and standards. In addition, recommendations support community development of long-term strategies to reduce future damage and impacts from hazard events and improve community resilience.

The recommendations are provided to help the CNMI outline a path forward for reconstruction, building community resilience, and other relevant ongoing activities. The CNMI can use these recommendations to help guide and better prepare the government agencies, property owners, and other stakeholders in the community for future storms.

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