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Public Comments Requested on Final Draft Resources Report by July 8, 2020


June 8, 2020

Over the past year, OPD has been collecting and analyzing data to address the current state of the resources of the CNMI in order to identify needs, gaps, and recommended next steps. These resource categories have been broadly categorized into three categories which correspond with “Taskforce” groups comprised of PDAC representatives and other agency and non-governmental partners – the “built environment”, “natural resources”, and “socio-economic resources and disaster risk reduction (DRR)”.

The Resources Report is uploaded as a PDF file. Reviewers are encouraged to read this “FAQ Document” for additional context regarding these documents, reviewer questions, and next steps.

Reviewers are asked to provide relevant feedback regarding (i) the accuracy of the information provided, (ii) whether there are any gaps or needs that should be addressed based on the information provided, and (iii) key priorities or “visions” for the sustainable long-term use of this resource that should be considered when developing a long-term comprehensive sustainable development plan. You can learn more about baseline assessment efforts here.

Comments and proposed revisions can be submitted to through July 8th for the inclusion of proposed updates in the final version of this document.