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Community Planning Meetings Announced for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota


September 4, 2019

To support initial baseline data collection, the Office of Planning and Development is sharing initial baseline data that has been collected. We are asking the community to take this survey and to review sections of interest in the “Resources Report” and let us know:

(i) Is this information accurate and complete? If not, what is missing? Are there things that should be added or omitted?

(ii) What does “sustainable development” look like for CNMI in 30 years? – In terms of specific resource management goals, consider, “if our success could be guaranteed, what would be the end result of our efforts?”

(iii) What are management implications (needs, next steps) to help move CNMI towards that vision?

If you have input to share please email or contact us here to discuss these questions and the ongoing baseline assessment further.