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Your Feedback Requested – Please View Updated Visioning Document and Survey and Response by 10/1!


September 1, 2020

The Office of Planning and Development was created to help the CNMI plan for a sustainable future. Since its creation in 2017 under Public Law 20-20, OPD and the Planning Development Advisory Council (PDAC) have worked to bring public and private sector entities together in the creation of a comprehensive sustainable development plan for our islands.

What is Sustainability?

Planning for a sustainable future means taking many factors into account that affect the wellbeing of the CNMI’s people, environment, and economy. To do this, OPD is focusing on three key questions:

  1. Are we on track to secure a more sustainable CNMI?
  2. What kind of future do we want to create?
  3. What do we need to do to achieve this future?

There are many cross-cutting needs and much overlap between planning element areas; for example, equitable and effective education is needed to ensure increases in earning power and grow our economy, which will in turn support improved health and environmental outcomes. In the months ahead, OPD and the PDAC will work with elected officials, public servants, and the community at large to help CNMI envision what sustainable development means here and what we need to do to achieve it.

Get Involved!

As a community member, there are a number of ways to get involved and make your voice heard.

  • Respond to the CNMI Visioning Survey, which seeks your input on community priorities and initiatives to support sustainable development and build resiliency in the CNMI.
  • Respond to the Guiding Values Survey 2.0 (updated based on your feedback), which asks about core values that you hope to see guide development planning in the CNMI.
  • Provide feedback on the draft Visioning Document (updated based on feedback from July – August review and comment period), which will help to inform the Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan for the CNMI. Feedback on the visioning document may be submitted by email to
  • Participate in the upcoming community meetings, which will be taking place virtually September 16-18, 2020. Space is limited so please RSVP to to register for the Zoom events or watch the meetings and engage when we stream on the OPD Facebook Page (please like and follow us).

According to OPD Director Kodep Ogumoro-Uludong, “Part of OPD’s mission is to allow our people a voice and a platform where they can provide input on what they feel is important in planning for today and for future generations. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered both the present and the future of the CNMI, and now, more than ever, is the time to get involved.”

Learn more and sign up for planning updates through the OPD website.

Trouble accessing the survey links? We have the full URLs and updates listed here:

Visioning Survey:

Guiding Values:

Draft Visioning Document July 25th version:

Draft Visioning Document August 31st version:

Tracked Changes July 25th to August 31st:

October 2020 Revised Draft:

October 2020 – March 2021 Revisions, Changes Tracked:

March 2021 Revised Draft: