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Public Notice – Request for Comments on Visioning Document

Public Notice

August 4, 2020

The Planning and Development Advisory Council (PDAC) through the Office of Planning and Development (OPD) is requesting community feedback and suggestions to support next steps in the creation of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan (CSDP). As required by Public Law 20-20, the CSDP shall serve as a guide for the future long-range development of the CNMI using and improving existing plans, maps and other resources; identify the goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the CNMI; provide a basis for determining priorities and allocating limited resources, such as public funds, services, human resources, land, energy, water, and other resources; improve coordination of federal, and CNMI plans, policies, programs, projects, and regulatory activities; and to establish a system for plan formation and program coordination to provide for an integration of all major CNMI and individual island activities.

To support these efforts, the following materials are now available:

  • Visioning Survey – Please take this survey to share specific feedback about your priorities that will be included in the CSDP
  • Guiding Values Survey – This one question survey asks for the community to vote on or list new “core values” that are intended to provide a sense of direction for planning efforts
  • Draft Visioning Document – Please review these draft vision statements and supporting goals and objectives and provide feedback – additional information and specific review questions are included in the document posted online.

OPD and the PDAC are requesting community feedback by August 25, 2020, so that your comments can be incorporated into the next iteration of this Visioning Document. To further support these efforts, virtual community meetings will be held in early September in order to share out a high-level summary of the Resources Report which was used to identify needs and support the visioning and goal development process, as well as additional “visioning” e-meetings to help the CNMI chart a sustainable path forward. Please send your comments to

Additionally, if you would like to conduct a survey or attend these meetings over the phone please email or call (670) 488-1221 Monday through Thursday to schedule a time to conduct an interview or to learn more about the call-in process.

Trouble accessing the survey links? We have the full URLs here:

Visioning Survey:

Guiding Values:

Draft Visioning Document: