Community Survey for Achugao & Laolao Watershed Planning – Your feedback requested by 5/6/2022

ANNOUNCEMENTS | April, 19 2022

In January of 2020 a variety of public and private partners, including BECQ, NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program, Horsley-Witten Group, The Nature Conservancy, and Koa Consulting, teamed up to develop three watershed management plans on Saipan: Garapan, Achugao, and Laolao Bay. These watersheds vary greatly with respect to land use patterns, environmental conditions, and socio-economic priorities among the respective villages.

As the management plans for Achugao and Laolao wrap up, input from CNMI residents is desired to establish community visions for the future of these watersheds. How can we best balance growth and conservation? What ideas and project priorities do members of the community have, and where should these be implemented within the watersheds? Contribute to a collective answer to these questions and more by visiting the watershed survey site: