Current Projects

Baseline Assessment Data Collection Analysis

The Office of Planning and Development is currently leading efforts to collect and analyze baseline assessment data to support comprehensive sustainable development planning. The Resources Report was developed through several rounds of review and public comment periods. Community members are asked to review information for accuracy and to flag any gaps or concerns that they would like to see addressed in the initial “Resources Report” which details the current state of the built, natural, and socio-economic resources and highlight needs and next steps for comprehensive sustainable development planning purposes. This data is being used to connect with sustainable development goal indicators to measure needs and progress towards development goals moving forward.

Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan

The Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan (CSDP) for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) identifies management priorities and provides strategic guidance to support the wise use of the CNMI’s resources and to guide the future development. This living document aims to fulfill the mandates of Public Law 20-20 and create a structure that will support an adaptive management approach to achieving sustainability outcomes for the CNMI. In addition to detailing long-term visions, goals, and strategic objectives, the CSDP incorporates key short- and mid-term action items that reflect interagency priorities for efficient use of resources in the CNMI. Supporting guidance incorporates Smart, Safe, Growth principles and performance indicators for each of the seventeen integrated Sustainable Development Goals that have been refined to meet current and future needs in partnership with CNMI’s leadership, technical support from government agencies, and stakeholders from the public and private sectors. As detailed further here and in the plan itself, the CSDP is a strategy to guide cross-cutting efforts to achieve one shared mission of building a more sustainable CNMI, guided by four themes, with goals and objectives for seventeen sustainability goals reflecting over twenty “planning elements”. As of 2021, over twenty public meetings and more than 200 public comments have supported the creation of CNMI’s first CSDP.

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Garapan Revitalization

The Garapan Revitalization Plan aims to transform Garapan into a premier family-friendly destination, featuring a wide range of shopping, dining, entertainment, civic and commercial uses in a world-class beach resort setting that is attractive for visitors and residents. The Plan envisions Garapan affirming its claim as the center of economic activity and the heart of the tourism industry for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The Plan aims to reinvigorate the Garapan Revitalization Task Force composed of businesses, residents and government agencies collaborating to alleviate some of the many challenges facing the area.

The Garapan Revitalization Task Force has been reconvened and is a focal area of socio-economic revitalization needs and next steps for Saipan. The Taskforce is updating the 2007 Garapan Revitalization Plan to reflect current needs and priorities. Please check the OPD calendar for upcoming public planning events to support this important revitalization project!

Recovery Support

FEMA/EPA/OPD/BECQ have supported the publication of the that identifies resiliency principles for development in the CNMI. These partners are working to expand this planning document to encompass recovery priorities in the wake of Super Typhoon Yutu. CNMI’s recovery focus aims to:

  • Incorporate lessons learned from previous natural disaster experiences into recovery planning so that the CNMI is better prepared for the future.
  • Work together to rebuild a more sustainable and resilient future for CNMI.

We aim to have an operational recovery plan by Liberation Day 2020. Recovery objectives and goals are outlined here.

CEDS Update

OPD and the Department of Commerce are working with members of the CEDS commission and socio-economic Taskforce partners to update project listings for the 2016-2020 CEDS. The current approved CEDS is below and is incorporated into the comprehensive sustainable development plan, a draft of which was published for initial public comment in Fall of 2020. The 2021-2026 update is underway.

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