Building Back Better – MAT Reports Support Smart, Safe Growth in CNMI

SSG | August 9, 2021

Regularly incorporating new information into planning and development standards is a best management practice for sustainability. When the PDAC receives new information, it may decide to incorporate the new information between updates of the Comprehensive Sustainable Development Plan (CSDP) and the supporting Resources Report.

In 2020, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) deployed a Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) to the CNMI. The CNMI MAT was composed of technical experts that worked closely with CNMI officials to conduct field investigations at disaster sites following Super Typhoon Yutu. The MAT’s purpose was to understand building performance, determine causes of building failures and successes, and make recommendations for rebuilding. These efforts have resulted in Summary Reports documenting observations and recommendations as well as three Fact Sheets and two Recovery Advisories, each of which supports community development of long-term strategies to reduce future damage and impacts from storms.

MAT Summary Reports and recommendations may include advice for improved building design and construction, retrofits of existing buildings, and upgrades to building codes and permitting processes.

The MAT Fact Sheets and Recovery Advisories contain advice for homeowners, contractors, and building management who seek to improve building performance in future disasters. Topics include wind-resistant roofing; retrofitting doors, windows, and other components; building maintenance; as well as steps for and benefits of obtaining home construction permit and inspection approvals.

Learn more about the FEMA MAT Program here. View the CNMI MAT Super Typhoon Yutu publications below:

Finalized CNMI MAT Summary Reports

CNMI MAT Fact Sheets (FS) and Recovery Advisories (RA)