CNMI Comprehensive Integrated Solid Waste Plan Attachments

Listed on this page are the attachments included and referenced in the CNMI Comprehensive Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (CNMI CISWMP).

To view and download the documents associated with each attachment from the CNMI CISWMP, click on the section header.

Attachment 1 - BECQ Solid Waste Code
Attachment 2 - BECQ Regulatory Powers
Attachment 3 - Contract Prohibition (Documents coming soon)
Attachment 4 - CNMI 2023 Solid Waste Management Study (GBB) (Documents coming soon)
Attachment 5 - CNMI Key Supporting Documents
Attachment 6 - Public Participation Work Plan
Attachment 7 - CNMI “One Start” Commercial Permit Application
Attachment 8 - EPA and BECQ Letters Regarding Small Community Exempt Landfills
Attachment 9 - Landfill Closure and New Landfill Site Evaluation (Documents coming soon)
Attachment 10 - DoD 2023-2024 CJMT (with Ocean Transport Analysis) (Documents coming soon)
Attachment 11 - Zero Waste Initiatives Study - Tinian (Documents coming soon)
Attachment 12 - Planned CNMI Solid Waste Infrastructure with Cost Estimates
Attachment 13 - Tinian Landfill Comprehensive Study - 2005
Attachment 14 - 2008 Environmental Assessment - Proposed Atgidon Landfill, Western Tinian
Attachment 15 - Phase II ESA Pina Landfill Site Data Evaluation
Attachment 16 - Waste Management Hierarchies
Attachment 17 - Financial Assurance Requirements for State-owned Landfills (Documents coming soon)